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In 2001, the 5 food banks serving Colorado, through the Feeding America network, formed the Colorado Food Bank Association to formally collaborate and leverage their combined strengths to feed more people. The goal of the association was twofold. First, they worked to procure additional food resources from the State of Colorado and other statewide food donors. Second, they joined forces to coordinate advocacy on the state and federal levels in hopes of bringing additional awareness and support for the fight against hunger.

The goals of the organization, to raise awareness of the issue of hunger and to increase donations from Colorado farmers, manufacturers, and retailers, still remain the same. Feeding Colorado continues to nourish men, women, and children who struggle with hunger by distributing food to every county in Colorado.

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Effie Rorke

Senior Director of Public Policy & Communications

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We reach those in need in every county in Colorado, every day. Find out how we feed our state and what you can do to help.

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