Across the state, neighbors are facing hunger and food insecurity. Children, rural communities, seniors, the working poor, military communities, and veterans, are just a few of the many populations our network serves through a variety of programs. 



On a summer day in 2019, Halley sorted grapefruits in our warehouse, volunteering alongside co-workers. Like all of us, she had no idea what 2020 would bring. Like many of our participants, she never thought she’d turn to Community Food Share for help.

“We were in our best financial place ever at the end of 2019,” Halley recalls. As Senior Sales Manager in her international travel company’s top team, she was earning a consistent monthly commission on top of her base salary. Reveling in professional success, Halley and her wife, Niina, upgraded to a nice apartment in Lafayette. Then COVID-19 hit, and like dominoes, every piece of their financial security began to fall.

“We only have two chicken breasts at dinner. I can’t even count the nights where we sit down to eat as a family, and I don’t eat.” 

Military wife, mother of two

“The gas is connected to the car, which is connected to the job, which is connected to housing, which is connected to childcare. Then you spend all your paycheck on that stuff, and you’re still behind.” 

Military wife, mother of one


See How You Can Help

Be an Advocate

One of the most effective ways to fight hunger is to build awareness. Whether you pick up the phone and call your local congress member or have a conversation with your neighbor over coffee, you can help us change lives.

Be a Volunteer

Volunteers are the hearts and hands of our food banks. Across the state, our volunteers contribute hundreds of thousands of hours of time each year to help us provide food to our neighbors in need.

Be a Donor

Your gift to Feeding Colorado will provide nourishing food for families and individuals who need help rebuilding their lives when circumstances make it difficult to make ends meet.